If you're like us, you can't wait to get back together with friends and co-workers for a good old happy hour.  In the Covid 19 world, there are ways you can still enjoy a cold beverage while staying safe.  Below is our list of the top 5 safe happy hour ideas.


1.  Patio or Driveway Happy Hour

If you are craving some happy hour at home time, invite your friends or neighbors over for a driveway happy hour.  Be sure you have ample room to space your chairs out at least 6' apart and encourage everyone to bring their own chair.  If you are supplying the beverages, place the cooler in the middle of the group and be sure you wipe down the bottles or supply disinfecting wipes.  Don't use glasses or items that need to be shared to avoid possible Covid transmission.  

2. Work Parking Lot Happy Hour

Tired of all the Zoom calls and wanting to get some face to face time with your coworkers, host happy hour in your work parking lot.  Most office parking lots are pretty empty these days so you should have plenty of room to spread out.  Make it a theme party, dress up and do some simple decorations.  Everyone can use a change of pace and some fun these days.

3. Restaurant Patio Happy Hour

If you are looking for someone to serve you and a reason to get out of the house, pick a local restaurant with a large outdoor patio.  As you know, most restaurants are in a tough spot and can use all the business they can get.  We recommend calling ahead to reserve a spot on the patio and don't be afraid to ask questions about their Covid 19 precautions.  If you don't feel safe, pick a different spot.

4.  Virtual Happy Hour

Most of us have already participated in a virtual happy hour by now.  It is the safest option to communicate and avoiding personal contact.  If you're like us, we are a little burned out on this concept, so how can you make it fresh.  Have you hosted a themed virtual happy hour yet?  There is nothing funnier then a group of adults dressed up like super heroes on a Zoom call.  Think outside the box and have fun with it, the options are endless.

5. Family Happy Hour

Being cooped at home for months now is no easy feat for anyone, especially families with kids at home.  My wife and I make it a point to do something different on Friday's and have our family happy hour.  We make it a special event for family and get every ones input on the plans.  Pick us some sparkling juice for our kids and make a few new appetizers that are not on our normal meal rotation.  Crank up the music and enjoy the special time we have with family.

We would love to hear your feedback and share any happy hour ideas you may have.

Cheers and stay safe!